Domestic violence may seem unpredictable, simply an outburst related just to the moment and to the circumstances in the lives of the people involved. Domestic violence follows a typical pattern no matter when it occurs or who is involved. The cycle, repeats; each time the level of his violence may increase. At every stage in the cycle, the abuser is in full control and is working to control and further isolate the victim. 



People being abused by their partners are not constantly being abused and the abuse is never inflicted at totally random times. There is a definite pattern for the abuse, which is re-occurring and appears to have three distinct phases. This pattern is commonly referred to as the CYCLE OF ABUSE.




Domestic Violence

Honeymoon Phase

Tension Building Phase



Our Domestic violence counselors support survivors and help them develop the skills they need to walk away from abusive relationships and live successfully on their own. They also work to stop the cycle of violence. After all, many people who experience abuse in childhood become enablers, involving themselves in a series of relationships that escalate into abuse and violence. Others become perpetrators. Many more people carry scars from long ago violence. It affects their ability to function normally in the workplace and develop healthy relationships. Our Counselors will help you to develop self esteem, identify relationship patterns and potential red flags, and behave with an appropriate level of assertiveness.


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